The easiest way to download is to left click on the file link, and use the File Download dialog box. It looks like this:

However, with some system configurations, this function results instead in a display of the file in ASCII text or htm format. In that case, to download one of the tabs listed at the right, just right click on the link, and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" from the drop down menu. Make sure you include the ".tef" file extension when you save. The exacts steps depend on which operating system you are using, and which browser. The steps below are for Windows XP, running Internet Explorer:

1. Right click on the link for the tab you want to download. This will call up a pop up menu or drop down menu.

2. Left click on "Save Target As..." This will call up the Save As dialog box, with the download message box hidden behind it. The dialog box will be the active box.

3. In the Save In edit box, you can left click on the little down arrow at the right side of the box, and it will let you browse through your computer directory to change the destination of the file you are saving.

4. In the File Name edit box, you will see the name of the file, but it will probably have the .htm file extension. Edit the filename so that the file extension is .tef. and not .htm, or whatever.

5. In the Save as Type edit box, click on the little down arrow at the right side of the box, and select All Files.

6. Click the save button. Now the Save As dialog box will disappear, and you will see the Download message box. When the status bar goes all the way to the right, it will give you the "Download complete" message. Click the close button. You can try clicking Open, but it will probably not work.

7. Now open Tabledit or TEFView, go to the directory you saved the file in, and open it up.

This is a good procedure to know, because you can use it to download anything on a website. If you have already downloaded files with the .htm extension, don't delete them. They are still tef files, they just don't have the correct file extension. Just right click on the file name or icon, and select Rename from the popup menu, and change the file extension to .tef.