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Banjo Duet CD Available



1. June Apple
2. Child Grove & Sally in the Garden
3. Bonaparte’s Retreat
4. Midnight on the Water
5. Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine
6. Arkansas Traveler
7. Gaspe Reel
8. Sugar in the Gourd
9. Chicken Reel
10. Shady Grove
11. Campbell’s Farewell to Red Gap
12. Mississippi Sawyer
13. Rock the Cradle Joe
14. Hard Times Come Again No More
15. Julianne Johnson
16. Kitchen Girl
17. La Bastrange
18. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
19. Greasy Coat
20. Old Joe Clark
21. Angeline the Baker
22. Turkey in the Straw
23. John Brown’s Dream
24. Whiskey Before Breakfast
25. Sail Away Ladies
26. Sally Goodin
27. Cripple Creek
28. Texas

Ed Britt and I have been picking together for well over a decade now, gradually working out our own unique way of playing five string banjo duets. Ed plays in the traditional Appalachian drop-thumb clawhammer style, with a smattering of the more modern melodic clawhammer technique thrown in for good measure. Besides offering a firm melodic foundation, Ed's picking also lays down the basic bum-ditty rhythmic footing for each tune. I play my old-timey influenced three-finger style, layering my syncopated three-finger rolls and occasional melodic phrases over his duple time foundation. The result is a surprisingly full sound, with both a melodic and rhythmic intricacy that is both deeply rooted in traditional and fresh and original. This summer, Ed and I began busking in Harvard Square; you can watch and listen to a number of YouTube videos from our outings on the Busking with Ed Britt page elsewhere on this site. In response to the many requests we received from passers-by, I made up a CD of tunes which Ed and I have recorded on various digital machines in our weekly jam sessions in my living room over the years. You can sample some of the recordings, highlighted in the tune list to the left. If you would like your own copy of the CD, or if you would like to download some of the tunes or the whole CD in MP3 format, you can order by clicking below:

Ed Britt: Banj

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