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Essays by Don Borchelt

"What's the use to try and sell corn for two dollars a bushel in the ear,
when you can get $20 for a can?" - Riley Puckett


Shade Tree Picking

Carroll Best

What exactly is a fiddle tune?

What the books don't tell you

FDR requests Soldier's Joy

Ralph Roberts


Tom Mirosola and American Made Banjos: August, 2011

Jim Reed: May, 2015

Orville's Way, Finding a Bridge from Bluegrass to Old Time:
December, 2016

3-Finger Old Time Picking-Wounded Hoosier:
April, 2017

Lester McCumbers' Yew Piney Mountain:
June, 2018

Santa Anna's Retreat: May, 2019

Greasy Coat, July, 2019

John's Tune, July, 2020

Ed Britt, A Banjo Renaissance Man Is Gone, May, 2021

Old Time Three-Finger: The Nightengale Song, November, 2021

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